Do We Become Our Parents?

5 07 2010

I’ve always heard that once you become a parent you become just like your parent or parents. I’m starting to wonder does this hold any truth to it? Is the way we raise our kids biologically coded into us or is it completely up to us how we treat our children?

I don’t think becoming our parents is inevitable. I think it is an easy trap to fall into if we don’t make a conscious effort to change. Our parents are our model for parenting. It’s easy to stick to what you know and follow their behavior. Personally, I don’t want to become my parents.

I think it is a hard thing to change. History can become so easily repeated unless we do something to change it. I’ve thought a lot about parenting and the approaches I want to take in raising my son. I don’t want to ever scream and yell at him. I will NEVER call him names or make him feel stupid. I want to be there for him unconditionally even if he makes mistakes. I want to teach him right from wrong through words, not spanking. Most of all I just want to be the best mom I can be to my son and raise him to be a handsome gentleman. I think that is all any parent really wants.

Do you see yourself becoming your parents? Are you doing something to change it? I hope that I am a wonderful mom (I’m trying my best!) and that L would be proud to become just like his mommy. What can I say spending every second with me is bound to turn him into a mama’s boy.




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