Dadgum Dog…

6 07 2010

Today was one of those days. I didn’t get much sleep last night because bug woke up twice. Then I had to read three chapters of my textbook and take three tests ugh. L wanted to help me and kept running off with my pencil or slamming my computer shut. After four hours of studying, I just wanted to relax for a minute. Bug didn’t, he kept pushing his stroller around and ended up pushing it to the front door and climbing in.

I couldn’t say no to his pleading face to go on a walk, so I got him strapped in . When I opened the door to push the stroller out the door, the dog got out. I tried to catch her in the front yard, but she just kept running. So off I ran after her, in my flip flops pushing a stroller. She ran about half a mile until I finally caught her while she stopped to pee. Dadgum dog.

While awkwardly running through the neighborhood I passed several people in their front yards. Not one of them stopped to ask if they could help catch my runaway dog.  When did neighbors become so unfriendly? A man out in his front yard with his two kids even asked, “Is that your dog running away?” I told him yes and he just nodded, no offer to help. What is this country coming to, that we can’t even stop to help a stranger? I am going to teach my son that sometimes you just help people out of the kindness of your heart not because you expect something in return.

This incident also made me realize that sometimes being a single mom is just hard. If I had Mr. Prince Charming he would be walking the dog along side me while I pushed bug in the stroller and we would go on a leisurely walk as a family. Or at the very least if he wasn’t walking with us he could’ve at least stayed with the baby while I chased the dog in a half a mile sprint. But nope, no prince charming here. At least being a single mom is making me stronger, more patient, and hell even skinnier. I love my bug to death and some day I may meet Mr. Prince Charming and then we can go on our family walk, until then it’s just me and L.




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