What Is TV Teaching Us?

23 07 2010

I may just vomit if another person asks me if my life is like ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ or ‘Teen Mom.’ NO NO NO it is NOT. Yes I got pregnant at 16 and became a single mom, but no my life is NOTHING like that. I think shows like that glamorize and make being a teenage single mom seem easy. It kills me when I watch any of those shows on a rare occasion and see how easy some of the girls have it, yet how much they complain. I am blessed that my dad let me move back in, so that I can stay home with my baby. But my days aren’t filled with dropping my kid off at daycare while I run off to high school to gossip and hang out with friends all night. I brought my son with me to high school and finished a year early. I spend all day and night watching my toddler, cooking, cleaning, laundry, oh and throw in five online college classes that I maintain a 3.8 GPA in. I can count the number of times I have been out for the night since bug was born, ZERO. The only time I ever have someone, that someone always being my dad, watch him is so I can take a timed test or a twenty minute shower. I feel bad for even admitting this, but yes sometimes I do go to the gym and workout for an hour so I can get a break while bug plays in the nursery. Running is my idea of a break. I wish bug’s dad was like one of the so called “deadbeat dad’s” on those shows because they are a million times better than my son’s dad. He sees him twice a month for a few hours and that’s the only time I ever hear from him. Not once has he asked how he is doing other times. A lot can happen in two weeks and he hasn’t a clue anything about our son. Oh and less than 50 dollars a week in child support doesn’t really buy shit these days.

Enough of my exhausted single mom ranting… but what is TV really teaching us? We see these ‘reality shows’ and shows filled with superficial people, violence, and sex. Did you know the average child spends 7 hours a day plugged into media? That is a scary thought, are we the ones raising our kids or has TV replaced parenting? There are shows that I think are acceptable for children to watch, but I think that it is so important to get outside too and to be vigilant about what we let our children watch. If we let our kids watch shows filled with gorgeous, plastic surgery enhanced models then it can lower their self esteem and they start wondering why don’t I look like that. If we let kids watch shows about teen pregnancy and drugs, they may start thinking hey having a baby looks easy and drugs don’t look to bad. Growing up my parents never let us watch TV, something I am thankful for now. We spent our days outside using our imagination and making art work. I think innocence and childhood should be protected and cherished. I want to shield my son from all the violence and negativity on TV. Getting pregnant at 16 made me grow up much faster than I should have and I don’t want that for my son. I want him to enjoy every minute of his childhood and spend his days with me outside sailing pirate ships not inside watching them on TV. So what do you say let’s turn of those TV’s and go for a walk!




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